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More than 1,000 global industry organizations have come together in support of the Insurance Careers Movement, a grassroots initiative that seeks to inspire young people to choose insurance as a career, share what makes the industry a great one to work in, and collaborate to retain emerging leaders in insurance.

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Nominations for the 2020 Emerging Leaders Conference are open! The Emerging Leaders Conference is designed to spark internal conversations on rising stars in your company and to provide a vibrant professional development opportunity that helps retain top talent in the industry.

The Emerging Leaders Conference is once again hosted by the Insurance Careers Movement, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, and A.M. Best and will be held February 23 – 25 in Austin, Texas. Nominate a rising star from your company and learn more.

Watch the outstanding 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference keynote addresses, fireside chats and panel discussions on A.M. BestTV.

“One of the most inspiring events I have ever attended, and an absolute catalyst for my career.”
2019 Emerging Leader Attendee

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